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The restaurant design style carries traditional and modern features. Luxury architecture combined with the natural surroundings create a special feeling for travelers over cuisine here. The restaurant has a capacity of 1500 passengers and has a team of well-trained professional service style.

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Food has always been the soul of the restaurant.
the enthusiasm of chefs and managers.

Watch, Learn and Cook

When registering cooking courses at our restaurant you will be taught by leading chefs in Vietnam with many years of experience cooking for 5 star restaurant.

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Mushrooms corn warehouse

Sweet crispy mushrooms with baby corn warehouse, can be used as savory or vegetarian dishes are delicious. Ingredient 300 g mushrooms 150 g corns Ten Soy sauce scallions Coriander Guide Step 1.…



Cook tofu seaweed

Seaweed tofu soup with natural sweetness is just mouth Ingredient 30 grams of dried seaweed fiber 100 g tofu premature 100 g mushrooms or mushroom needle narcissus Soy Soy sauce Carrot Ginger Guide…



Mannequin fresh cloves

After the summer showers, you easily buy the tangle of fresh shrimp was delicious. In addition to lemon leaf pages, you can also make fresh salad very fresh cloves mixed with bell peppers and sweet…



Veal sautéed with chilli

Sautéed veal dishes to get fragrant spicy chilli correctly you need to prepare the ingredients are fresh veal and veal remember to marinate thoroughly to fit spices are soaked. Ingredient 3-4 stalks…



Rushing to eat “spicy noodles level 7 ‘

The spicy noodle dish is causing great attraction for young gourmets, not only on price but also the level of the pasta is delicious. 1. Spicy Noodle Naga Here is approximately 35k that you made a…



What happens when you are fasting

By now, you should think seriously about a diet without meat. Anyone who watched the horror show Supersize Me will surely think of vegetarians. Many scientific studies published in the Harvard Health…



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